Because of the costumes and treats, children love Halloween. But the vacation also entails serious security risks. Kids are twice as likely as other nights of the year to be hit by a car on Halloween. Burns and cuts are popular on Halloween as well, and then candy causes problems.

Halloween can be enjoyed safely — especially when it comes to planning and supervision by parents. Follow these tips to safeguard the children:

1- Stay with your adults

Bring an adult with you when you go to trick or treat on Halloween.

2- Visit those you know

Visit your friends and neighbors ‘ homes only.

3- Know what you are eating

Don’t talk to any stranger or take sweets.

4- Be seen

Take a torchlight. And wear something white or reflective while trick-or-treating at night.

5- Make sure you can see correctly

If a mask is included in your outfit, make sure that you can see enough of it. Take it off if not.

6- Avoid the street

Try walking on the sidewalk all the time. If you cross the street at night, watch carefully and hold an adult’s hand.


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